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Mystery Skulls - GHOST - Page 32 :iconhyperchronic:HyperChronic 1,133 73
Southern Lands: Chapter 1
It had been a long trip.
Yuneko Kurasa, a Chūnin from the Village Hidden in the Sun, stretched her arms high above her head and let out a deep, luxurious yawn. Her bare shoulders creaked ever-so-slightly, and as she interlaced her fingers, eking out that last inch, she could feel her muscles finally give up and release the tension that had been building up over the last week of the journey. The metal plates that guarded her forearms shifted on top of her skin as if they, too, were aching for a change.
"How much farther," she asked, her voice trailing out of her yawn.
It had been a full month since she had left her home and set out for the Land of Rivers. During that time, Yuneko and her three teammates had seen plenty of breathtaking sights, bustling foreign cities, and landscapes so different from her mountainous homeland that they seemed almost alien. It was all part
:iconnexusyuber:NexusYuber 20 29
Couple Luv this time... :iconpikokko:Pikokko 902 47 Junkrat :iconkurtssingh:Kurtssingh 362 32
Looking for commissions of Shio
Edit again: Between this journal and the forum thread, I've received almost 300 responses Chiyo wow Icon Thank you all for your interest in Shio (and my wallet :lol:) Please feel free to continue leaving your info. I have no "deadline", per se. Also, please don't take it personally if I don't answer your questions/notes or contact you. I'm kinda overwhelmed and have probably overlooked some things. I have a bunch of artists I'm interested in, but have yet to contact simply because I'm trying to keep things in order for myself :nod: Thanks again everyone, and sorry for continuous journal spam :XD:

Shio is my Final Fantasy 14 character. I love her a lot and I'm hoping to get tons of art of her °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

:iconmiss-it-girl:Miss-It-Girl 37 389
College!Goop :iconkonoira:Konoira 1,091 74 Long Boots .::Base::. :iconxxxwitch-hazelxxx:xxXWitch-HazelXxx 282 33 Hand in Hand .::Base::. :iconxxxwitch-hazelxxx:xxXWitch-HazelXxx 129 11 [LOL] Annie's family 19 :iconbeanbean1988:beanbean1988 413 39 Haku x Zabuza pg03 :iconsinemoras:sinemoras 29 6 Angie :icongrangerpixel:grangerpixel 94 21 Standing :Original Base: :iconpinlicous-bases:Pinlicous-Bases 117 21 Male Full Body Base :iconmilkie-moo:Milkie-Moo 2,101 362 Centaur Deer Kick Base :iconpeanuttie:Peanuttie 778 43 Pokemon SoulSilver Nuzlocke- page 1 :iconyoshimister:YoshiMister 19 6 superhero base -FEMALE- :iconjynxcloudy:JynxCloudy 47 18




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Taiyo Iben shimousu
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
You may NOT copy, steal, trace, heavily reference, or alter my art in anyway.
Do not repost/upload anywhere without my permission
" if any artist does not have explicitly stated rules about the use of their work, it is YOUR JOB to find out if they will permit it. Not having any rules posted does not mean their artwork is free for you to use. Unless you see EXPRESS PERMISSION to use their work, you MAY NOT use it. If the rules aren’t clear, and you really have to know, just ask. "

This is basically just my personal little art dump, you'll see crap from years ago, bases, pixels, sketches, and you'll see pieces I polished for days to weeks. Even from time to time, dumb pictures.

INTP personality yeee
I am yumiko akane shimousu and I love to draw anime , I take requests and try hard when I do. I love music and to role play [ no smut ] and have many oc's and such . I also have a quotev.
follow , friend , whatever
- I edit pictures and create my own , I have used a lot of bases from here [ so please don't chew on me on if I used a base or not, you can always ask kindly ya know ] when I didn't have a devianart so creators of the bases I have used , please kindly notify me of whom you are and I will give you credit for base -

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Sisters- Inori and Tenshi
because I don't wanna color :T 
Inori and Tenshi as sisters- dimmed down Inori a bit more because I wanted too. 
Layers - Amno
I did a drawing to show the layers I use in the respective order of green < blue < pink
also I didn't wanna finish it 
but now I'm using a grey background so that I could emphasize with white if I ever wanted too. 
it's mah chubby little sprite that I doodled up real fast for reasons when I was bored at school 
Sugar dream and moon shine by goththebat9 In the comments section you can see where somebody points out that this DA ' artist ' is stealing an emoticon of their oc
Seen here:…
The artist's reaction is " Deal with it "
and just blatantly steal somebody else's character
Image by goththebat9
How this person hasn't been reported enough to be taken off DA is beyond me-


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Hope you'll like my future works ;)
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No problem, I enjoy looking at your ' doodlebook ' and seeing the different scenes you manage to create, giving me aspiration to be able to do something like that in the soon future if I allow my mind to wander enough.
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//For anybody that get's down here, I have made a Nepeta roleplay account sense I'm so obsessed about drawing her. Leave some fun asks for me to respond too or something !!
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Sorry bro , I happen to be gone for a while and back again for a while :I hope ya forgive me
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